Roadrunner Cycling at University of Texas at San Antonio is run by students for students. Competing in the SCCCC against other universities in TX, LA, OK, and AR.

Pedaling together to make life long friendships!


Considered to be the most traditional, popular and purest form of bike racing, road cycling takes on many different forms. Events contested on the road include Time Trials, Road Races, Stage Races, Criteriums, Circuit Races, and Team Time Trials.


Like other disciplines of cycling, mountain biking encompasses many different formats including Cross Country, Short Track Cross Country, Ultra-Endurance, Downhill, Dual Slalom, 4-Cross, Super D and Observed Trials.


Riders race on dirt tracks with rollers, jumps, and turns to challenge their skills. BMX bikes are smaller than normal bicycles because the riders never sit down and need to be nimble on the bike. Riders wear full face helmets, with goggles and gloves. They wear long sleeve shirt and durable pants with pads underneath in case they crash.

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